Registration Fee Schedule (Local)

All attending conference participants must pay the registration fee and at least one author per paper must attend.  Conference registration fee for local resident Bangladeshi (see note below) varies from Taka 4,000 to 12, 000 depending on the package.  The conference fee must be received by 13 April 2017 to confirm conference participation.  Please contact us in advance if the conference fee will be late so that we can plan for your attendance.

 Schedule of Fees 



Fee (Taka)

For Local Bangladeshi residents ONLY*


Basic Registration fee  (without  conference dinner) but includes conference bag, 4 break-time snack foods, 2 hot buffet lunch, online proceedings plus printed program book



Registration fee for additional paper by the same person



WBI Fellow or Student  registration fee (same as A2)



Conference Dinner



Dinner ticket for accompanying person



Paper Processing fee for Publication in online journal ( one paper). Please see note below

5, 000


Paper processing fee for publication in print journal (includes online publication) for one paper. Please see note below

8, 500


Special package for delegates with dinner and online journal (includes A, D & F



Special package for delegates with dinner and print journal (includes A, D & G


Special package for WBI Fellow/students with dinner and online journal


Special package for WBI Fellow/students with dinner and print journal (


Note: Bangladeshi residents does not include any Bangladeshi  residing overseas for education and/or working  outside Bangladesh who will be treated as overseas delegate and please do not negotiate in this matter.

Note about Publications in Our journals: Five of our journals are listed in Journal Quality list 2015 Prepared by the Australian Business Deans Council. All journals are indexed by Cabell’s Directory of USA. Publication in these journals are not automatic and these are not “pay and publish” type of journals. Each paper must go through thorough double blind peer review process and must be  accepted by the editorial board of the respective journal.  The author(s) must revise the paper (can be more than once) in full compliance to review report and payment of paper processing fee.

Paper Processing Fee (PPF) is a flat charge which varies from journal to journal. This fee generally covers the entire cost of the publication process. This includes peer-reviewing, editing, printing (for print journal) publishing, maintaining and archiving, editing and uploading of the paper in the website plus postal and handling cost (for print journal).  Authors can have full and immediate access to the full text versions of the research papers via the dedicated website.  Corresponding author will get a copy of the print journal without further charge.


Early Bird Discount : 5% discount for early registration by 6 March 2017

Cancellation Policy

There is no  fee for  cancellations if notice4 is received prior to 13 April  2017.  There will be no refunds on cancellations received after 14 April, 2017. The authors will be provided with receipt of payment and a letter/certificate of participation immediately after arrival at the registration desk.